Comprehensive suite of surveys for Perth Royal Infirmary.

In March 2020, just before the UK went into its first Covid 19 lockdown, we started a series of surveying projects at the Perth Royal Infirmary in Tayside Scotland. Part of the existing hospital is to be redeveloped by NHS Tayside and required extensive surveys to be carried out and put the project out to tender.

We carried out measured building surveys to detail the floor plans, sections, structural details and elevations both inside and outside the building. Topographical surveys were also required to provide accurate and detailed representation of the site layout, as well as utilities surveys to reveal the location of utility services underground.

Unfortunately the work was almost immediately paused when the global pandemic hit and the first lockdown was announced. We eventually returned to site following strict protocols to ensure the safety of our surveyors at what was a very busy and challenging time for the hospital.

The measured building surveys required us to scan a number of functioning hospital units and departments, including theatres, accident and emergency, as well as the mortuary. Our experienced surveyors worked closely with the hospital staff to ensure their own safety as well as that of the patient, and to keep any disruption to an absolute minimum.

Our original utilities survey revealed a very large water pipe under the site, so we were asked to complete another underground survey and additional topographical surveys to ensure the proposed re-route of the pipe was achievable. At this time we also completed some additional measured building surveys of internal areas that had not been surveyed back in 2020 and were now part of the redevelopment.

Combining the original 2020 survey outputs with the most recent data within a Revit model has saved the architects a lot of time importing files and overlaying them to achieve a full picture.

Michelle Hunt, RDA Architects commented, “Covid was a big consideration and under the strict Covid protocols we weren’t sure if the surveyors were going to be able to complete the work required. However, they were extremely diligent, working with the clinical team at the hospital to arrange site visits based on when and where they could attend. Their proactivity and flexibility was extremely helpful.”

I wouldn’t hesitate to use Survey Solutions again. Their communication was excellent and they were refreshingly reliable, turning up to site exactly when they said they would. They have also been very good at responding to any questions we’ve had, even since the project has been completed, signed off and paid for. I’d highly recommend them.”

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