Drones – a safer insight?

Like every industry, improvements in technology are an absolute must. Surveying is no different. At our annual Engagement Day back in January, Paul Singleton took us on a journey of the company history from 1997 to today. Weaved within this were throwbacks to days gone by and the equipment (or tech!) that was widely utilised by us and our other survey friends when out on site.

The value of a survey

In our blog ‘When You (Don’t Always) Get What You Ask For’, we highlighted the ever-changing language of the surveying world and that like many industries there are multiple terms for the same thing.

The changing requirements of PPE

Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards, especially in a world and industry which continues to evolve quickly. The construction and surveying industry is no different and there will be a few members of our Survey Solutions team who fondly recall working without GPS equipment, laser scanners and drones and the world of Building Information Modelling would have been simply a pipe dream.

When you (don’t) always get what you ask for

Like any industry, surveying has plenty of specific language, jargon, terminology and acronyms.
It’s not always trying to understand the difference between a topographical survey and a land survey, is it bathymetric survey or hydrographical survey? Isn’t 3D photography just photogrammetry? (Apparently not!) And many other phrases including GPR, concrete scanning, mobile mapping and site engineering.

Revit – buzzword or necessity?

I suppose in trying to answer this question from a surveying perspective, it is quite tempting to just suffer from a few splinters by sitting on the BIM fence.

So, let us start somewhere near the beginning and without going over old ground, the whole Revit/ BIM terminology fits nicely in with a previous blog around the different and sometimes confusing amount of terminology used within our industry (click here to read that blog after you’ve finished this one). Of course, Revit is just one type of BIM software available though it’s fair to say it is the most common one we have enquiries for.

More than a survey – when service meets solutions

More Than A Survey is what we call it. You may have seen it as a hashtag on our social media posts over the last few months.

But, what does this actually mean? Surely you just need a survey and all surveys are pretty much the same? Well yes, this can be the case, but it might be worth finding out a little bit more on what you will get.

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