Our specialist Underground Utilities team harnesses the latest survey technology, including dual-frequency ground penetrating radar (GPR), to locate and trace services below ground including sewers, gas mains, heating and water, lighting cables, BT telephone lines, other communication cables and traffic signalling cables.

In addition to locating utilities, our underground surveys provide detailed data on below ground conditions ahead of any site excavations, drilling, piling or borehole clearance. Using GPR and electromagnetic equipment, we can identify and position underground features such as voids, steelwork, shafts and graves which could impact on future construction activity.

Where remote visual inspections are required, we carry out CCTV surveys with robotic cameras providing high definition visual imagery inside drains, pipes, voids and areas of restricted access. Our surveyors can view the camera images in real-time using specialist on-site software and then provide full digital imagery, supported by a detailed technical report.

Any cracks, root ingress, damage and blockage identified in a drainage survey can be cleared with our high pressure jetting service.

A recent addition to our complementary range of underground surveys is concrete and rebar scanning, where our team uses GPR technology to locate and confirm the layout of structural reinforcement within a building or structure, with data presented as high resolution 3D imagery.

Underground Surveying Services

Location and tracing of underground utilities and buried services. Available as a standalone survey or as part of an integrated topographical or measured building survey.

To provide a full understanding of below ground site conditions and to confirm evidence of previous site use. Essential to complete prior to excavations, drilling, piling and many other construction processes.

Full range of high-pressure drainage solutions undertaken as a separate exercise or as part of a full CCTV condition survey and assessment.

Location and confirmation of the layout of structural reinforcement. A fast and efficient method of identifying voids in a variety of applications.

Remote inspections using state-of-the-art CCTV cameras to provide high definition visual imagery in pipes, voids and areas of restricted access.

Permanent identification of underground services assets to complement your utility survey. Effective and clear marking of the purpose of each inspection chamber.

Our geophysical surveys utilise non-invasive, high volume data capturing instruments, providing our clients with maximum data whilst maintaining minimal time and disturbance on site.

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