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As the UK’s largest engineering surveyors, expertise, experience and exceeding expectations are just three ways Survey Solutions sets itself apart from other companies in the field.

Speed and size is another.

Operating throughout the UK from our national network of nine offices – from Scotland to Somerset – means we can respond rapidly to client requests. As a general rule, we aim to be on site within one week.

Not only do we have wide geographical reach, our comprehensive range of surveying services – Land, Buildings, Underground, Site Engineering and Monitoring – covers all sizes of project too, from domestic one-off jobs through to complex multi-package schemes.

Our sectoral approach is similarly broad, ranging from residential new build to retail, energy to education and transport to healthcare. And we can provide support throughout the project life cycle – from initial enquiry to final delivery and beyond.

Established for 20 years, our growing team of specialist surveyors and engineers is matched by a rapidly expanding client portfolio, with high rates of repeat business and very positive feedback on the experience of working with us.

Our clients appreciate our ‘thinking’ approach where we advise on the best way to tackle each project before starting work. That may mean using the latest technology to provide you with the data you need, bringing in a specialist from one of our other cross-disciplinary teams or suggesting an alternative strategy to achieve your objectives.

Whatever the approach, the sector or the project, we will work in close partnership with you to provide survey solutions that not only meet your brief – but surpass expectations too.



More than a survey

‘More than a survey’ is how our clients describe what we deliver. Over the years, we have established collaborative working partnerships built on trust – providing in-depth data to get every project off to a flying start.

It goes without saying that we offer a comprehensive and complementary range of surveying options – land, building, underground, site engineering and monitoring – but before we start, we take one step back to ensure we recommend the best possible approach for your particular requirements, whether it’s a standalone project or part of a larger brief.

Harnessing the latest surveying technology is an integral part of the process but at the end of the day, it’s our team of specialists who are at the heart of what we do.

With around 150 surveyors and engineers, we have many years of cumulative experience and expertise to draw on and our teams, located at our offices throughout the UK, can react quickly so that your project can proceed without any upfront delays.

Our approach has resulted in a well-established client base, across a range of sectors, with many using us as their ‘go to’ provider in the field.

As professionals, we all know that surveys start projects – but our complementary range of services goes further than that to cover the entire building lifecycle.

Using our ‘toolbox’ approach ensures you get support and specialist expertise from start to finish, so that you have the data you need to ensure your project is delivered on-time and on-budget.

Commissioning a land survey is a vital start to a broad spectrum of projects – and it needs to be conducted quickly, accurately and to deliver as much data as possible to inform the next step.

Land Surveying Services - Survey Solutions

Providing a comprehensive range of measured building survey services ensures we can select the right approach for each individual project – and to achieve the data you need.

Our specialist underground surveying team harnesses the latest technology to locate and trace services as well as completing below ground site investigations, CCTV drainage surveys, sewer maintenance projects along with concrete and rebar scanning.

Underground services survey

The most recent addition to our complementary range of services, Site Engineering can provide specialist support during the construction stage of any size of project.

Monitoring surveys, used to identify movement or deformation in a building or structure, provide essential data to determine whether remedial action is needed or to inform the next stage in a building or renovation project.

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