Monitoring surveys provide essential data to a construction project by identifying movement or deformation in a building or structure as well as any environmental impacts such as noise, dust and vibration. The data can help determine whether remedial action is needed or to inform the next stage in the project.

Very importantly, structural monitoring and environmental monitoring surveys give reassurance that any potential problems can be identified and corrected as quickly as possible.

The data is essential for professionals involved in the projects like building construction, tunnelling and infrastructure development to ensure safety and stability. This can include construction managers, engineers and geotechnical professionals as well as maintenance project teams.

Our specialist team will design, specify, install and carry out monitoring schemes on buildings – from new build to heritage properties – as well as major structures including bridges, sea defences and retaining walls. Read more about how we work with you on your monitoring projects.

Our solutions combine the latest in monitoring technologies alongside cloud based hosting and reporting systems. Our team review all of the data but this can easily be shared with the project team through secure online portals. We can map small changes in vertical, level and horizontal movement or full 3D XYZ coordinate differences in either real-time or over long periods. Depending on the project, monitoring can be either manual or automated, with ongoing data produced so that trends or patterns can be identified.

Our range of services also includes environmental monitoring to enable a greater understanding of the role and impact of noise, dust and vibration on both buildings and the surrounding environment. This can be applied to new residential developments, as well as existing commercial, retail, leisure and heritage buildings.

Our monitoring solutions offer…

  • Reliable, accurate and precise data aiding fast and effective decision making.
  • Leading monitoring technologies and software delivering read-time and accurate results.
  • A one-stop solution where we can combine structural, environmental and geotechnical service eliminating the need for additional suppliers to help you manage costs and improve efficiency.
  • The option for one hosting platform so all data is in one place avoiding the need for multiple systems and information presented in different formats which can lead to data misinterpretation.
  • Quick response times both in terms of site installation and set up and in providing data and alerts ideal for projects with tight schedules or critical safety concerns.
  • The ability to tailor and customise your monitoring solutions to the specific needs of your project.
  • Training project teams to ensure a consistent knowledge across all users and allowing new team members to be trained quickly.

Monitoring Services

Our monitoring surveyors record and measure the movement or deformation of a building or structure across a broad range of projects. From new build developments through to historic and heritage landmarks, a monitoring scheme can help identify any potential issues within a structure and allow a plan of remediation to be established before further problems develop.

As part of our monitoring division, we can support your project with a range of environmental monitoring services either as an addition to your structural monitoring programmes or as a bespoke package of work.

Asset condition surveys are an ideal solution for assessing the impact of major infrastructure and construction projects on the wider built environment. They can help establish whether there has been any consequential damage to neighbouring buildings or structures during the work by carrying out pre- and post-construction surveys.

Movemement monitoring on a bridged flyover


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