Our site engineering teams provide specialist support during the construction stage of any size of project – from bespoke one-off commissions through to larger complex schemes.

 Our experienced engineers will work alongside your on-site team to manage sub-contractors involved in piling, earthwork, groundwork and foundations, ensuring construction proceeds on-time and on-budget.

Taking the concept and design of the project, site engineers use their technical knowledge to make it happen in real-time, setting out and locking down guidelines for different trades which ensures all elements align. Services can also include as-built engineering surveys, volume and cut and fill calculations.

That’s not all. Being on-site and working as part of your team means that we can add value by flagging up and averting potential problems and providing timely solutions to issues that arise along the way.

Our Site Engineering division complements the range of existing surveying services already offered by Survey Solutions and enables us to be involved in every stage of the construction process. We are one of very few surveying companies who can offer this start to finish solution across our service portfolio.

Available at the construction phase of any project, our team of engineering specialists will work as part of your on-site team providing expert advice and support to a wide range of principal and sub-contractors including piling, earthworks, groundworks and superstructures.

By managing the project’s building and survey data we help to ensure a smooth construction process and are on-hand to provide further detailed advice, measurement and checking when required.

Our site engineering team take the concept and design aspects of the construction project and make it happen on the ground. As part of this service we ensure what is being designed is truly feasible once site work commences. Our engineer’s vast experience adds value by continuously looking forward into the project, anticipating any problems that may be on their way and providing the solutions to stop these happening.

The beauty of our site engineering offer is that it works for all project sizes. Our dedicated team is available across the UK ranging from individual setting out for bespoke one-off dwellings through to large civil engineering schemes. We have worked on major UK developments with members of our team spending months at a time supporting the construction process.

Site Engineering Services Overview

Our specialist team of engineering surveyors have worked on a wide range of site engineering projects supporting in the following areas…


We can establish survey control stations for your site or are available to check and audit the existing survey control carried out by third parties.


This is very much at the core of our offer and we are available to support your sub-contracting teams with a broad range of setting out activities. These include…

  • Piling rigs
  • Groundworks and drainage systems
  • Grid lines
  • Formwork
  • Line and level of steelwork
  • Datums and finished floor levels
  • Pre-cast elements
  • Architectural metalwork
  • Cladding
  • Landscaping


We continually work with groundwork contractors and earthwork contractors using the highly accurate and precise survey data to carry out cut and fill calculations. This helps ensure the existing site material can be re-used across the scheme helping to create the correct levels prior to construction.


We provide precise measurements of parts of the site to accurately calculate the level of materials that need to be moved, removed from site, re-filled or used to create new levels elsewhere.


We liaise and work with the project design teams and engineers to ensure plans and drawings are accurate and the latest revisions reflect the current site conditions.


We ensure the survey data remains consistent, is used centrally across the entire site and the sub-contracting teams, as well as looking forward into the project by anticipating potential issues and forming solutions to overcome these challenges.





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Hartham Leisure Centre
Hartham Leisure Centre
Orchestrated approach delivers integrated survey results with minimal disruption.
St Stephen's Towers, Norwich
St Stephen's Towers, Norwich
Overcoming on-site challenges to deliver high quality survey data

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