The tracing and mapping of underground utilities provides a clear understanding of buried services and any potential hazards to the development. Our utility surveys locate all main services including electricity, sewers, gas and water mains, fibre optics, heating, lighting cables, communication networks and traffic signalling cables. 

Early identification ensures projects can progress smoothly throughout the entire design and build phase. Our data minimises the need for any follow-on excavations and is an excellent way to identify safe areas to carry out excavations, boreholes and piling.

Our specialist teams work across the UK covering projects in all construction sectors. The scope of our surveys ranges from industrial brownfield sites earmarked for major residential development, through to verifying existing underground records at wind farms in the Scottish Highlands.

Recently this has included:

  • Strategic gas mains location across a greenfield site on the Suffolk/Essex border ready for the development of several hundred homes for a major UK housebuilder. This ensured the development could be planned around any existing gas infrastructure and if required, the gas main could be diverted. 
  • Location of underground services (internally and externally) for a large hospital in Middlesex. Our work ensured that the operational capability of the hospital remained unaffected whilst the contractors completed the necessary groundworks. A follow-up CCTV survey also confirmed the condition of the existing drainage system and allowed for a new drainage network to be designed.

Our utility location service is available as a standalone project or may form part of a wider underground survey scheme incorporating CCTV surveys, concrete scanning or drainage surveys. Results are overlaid onto a topographical survey prior to issuing in both CAD and PDF formats. Speaking with us early in your project means we can plan the surveys to meet your timescales and offer potential cost-savings and consistency in the final drawings and output.

Utilities Survey Overview

  • Identification, tracing and mapping of all major underground services.
  • Standalone project or can be integrated with other survey services including topographical, CCTV or drainage surveys.
  • PAS 128 specification compliant with additional statutory record services also available.

To find out more, please complete the enquiry form below to contact one of our specialist surveyors. Available across our network of UK offices, our teams of surveyors share many years’ experience and are in an ideal position to discuss your project in more detail and offer the best survey solution from our broad range of complementary services.

Underground Surveying Services

To provide a full understanding of below ground site conditions and to confirm evidence of previous site use. Essential to complete prior to excavations, drilling, piling and many other construction processes.

Full range of high-pressure drainage solutions undertaken as a separate exercise or as part of a full CCTV condition survey and assessment.

Location and confirmation of the layout of structural reinforcement. A fast and efficient method of identifying voids in a variety of applications.

Remote inspections using state-of-the-art CCTV cameras to provide high definition visual imagery in pipes, voids and areas of restricted access.

Permanent identification of underground services assets to complement your utility survey. Effective and clear marking of the purpose of each inspection chamber.

Our geophysical surveys utilise non-invasive, high volume data capturing instruments, providing our clients with maximum data whilst maintaining minimal time and disturbance on site.

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