Building Information Modelling (BIM) adoption in the UK is at an all-time high with developers, REITs, asset managers, design teams and engineers all procuring ‘scan to BIM’ projects as standard as part of the drive for accurate, reliable and detailed building data.

BIM is the process of creating and managing a digital representation of a building or other structure. allowing for the creation of a digital twin of the physical asset, which can be used for its design, construction, and operation. BIM 19650 is the globally recognised standard for the creation and management of BIM models and defines the minimum requirements for a compliant BIM model.

To support clients with their BIM projects, Survey Solutions deliver 3D Revit models which include complete data sets showing the physical layout of the building or structure.  Revit is a powerful building information modelling software that is widely used in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. A Revit model is a digital representation of a building or other structure, created using the Revit software. 

Revit models allow the client to see a high-level detail in any plane and give the versatility to slice the model in any direction to provide accurate sections. Combine this with the sheer volume of detail shown and you will have all base data needed for your future BIM design work with the peace of mind it has been originated from accurate data.

Whether your requirement is structural, architectural, MEP, construction or civils we can provide the level of detail in any of the specifications you require. 

Our Revit models will provide the following benefits to your project…

Accuracy – Highly detailed, precise and accurate, helping identify potential problems early on in the design process saving time and money.

Collaboration – Easily shared and accessed by multiple team members, enabling collaboration and helping ensure all stakeholders are working from the same information.

Efficiency: Allowing for more efficient workflows with all data stored in a single digital model reducing paper documents and other physical materials, saving time and resources.

Visualisation- Creating high-quality 3D visualizations and renderings, which can help to better communicate design ideas and concepts.

On Site – Delivering detailed construction documents and plans, which can help improve on-site coordination between different trades and contractors.

Documentation: Providing up-to-date project documentation, which can be useful for tracking progress, managing change orders, and other tasks.

Sustainability: Analyse and optimise a building’s energy performance, helping drive more sustainable and energy-efficient designs.

We have a strong background in producing Revit models as part of survey data for a range of projects across the UK. From bridge development schemes, public sector buildings, leisure facilities and factory layouts we work across all sectors delivering the models you need.


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Hartham Leisure Centre
Hartham Leisure Centre
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St Stephen's Towers, Norwich
St Stephen's Towers, Norwich
Overcoming on-site challenges to deliver high quality survey data

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