Asset tagging systems are a recent introduction to our underground surveying services, allowing for permanent identification of underground assets. The tags are ideal for sites and areas where conventional signage cannot be used. Site owners can, at a glance, identify the purpose of an inspection chamber, whether that is for BT cabling, gas and water valve work or foul and surface water sewers.

Asset tags provide a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional identification processes such as spray-painting drains, gullies and manhole covers.

The Environment Agency state that the management of drainage systems should be one of the top ten environmental priorities for all sites. Their guidance, together with EPR permits and Environmental Management Systems all require that sewers be clearly marked or labelled.

The benefits of implementing asset tagging systems include:

  • Durable design for use in high-traffic areas due to their UV and abrasion resistant coating.
  • Preventing pollution at commercial and industrial sites by ensuring the correct drainage connections are used.
  • Provides a fast and effective disaster recovery response in the event of a site spillage, preventing the pollution of surface water sewers.
  • By preventing cable strikes, the markers will help protect employees, contractors and the wider business.
  • Help comply with the CDM Regulations.

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Underground Surveying Services

Location and tracing of underground utilities and buried services. Available as a standalone survey or as part of an integrated topographical or measured building survey.

To provide a full understanding of below ground site conditions and to confirm evidence of previous site use. Essential to complete prior to excavations, drilling, piling and many other construction processes.

Full range of high-pressure drainage solutions undertaken as a separate exercise or as part of a full CCTV condition survey and assessment.

Location and confirmation of the layout of structural reinforcement. A fast and efficient method of identifying voids in a variety of applications.

Remote inspections using state-of-the-art CCTV cameras to provide high definition visual imagery in pipes, voids and areas of restricted access.

Our geophysical surveys utilise non-invasive, high volume data capturing instruments, providing our clients with maximum data whilst maintaining minimal time and disturbance on site.

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