Once again Survey Solutions expertise was called upon by Guinness World Records, this time we to measure and verify a new world record attempt of the ‘longest throw and catch of a hotdog sausage into a bun’.

The event dubbed ‘Longest Dog’ took place at the Millennium Arena, London as part of a promotional NFL tour with the Jacksonville Jaguars, with the record attempt undertaken by coach Mark Brunell, a Super Bowl winner and former ‘Jags’ quarterback.

There were various rules and regulations set and checked by GWR. The attempt had to be carried out on level ground and Survey Solutions were on hand to verify the slope of the throwing area did not exceed a gradient of 1:1000. The cooked sausage had to be between 14cm – 18cm long; condiments (i.e. ketchup/mustard) could be added at the discretion of the challengers.

For the measuring, Survey Solutions used a Trimble S5 Total Station with MultiTrack prism technology. A baseline from the thrower was established and Survey Manager Jon Allison was on hand to measure the distance from the throw line to the point on the ground immediately below where the sausage was caught.

After a number of practice throws Mark set a new record of 20.956m.

Survey Solutions have also measured and verified GWR attempt include the world’s largest Rubik’s Cube, highest wind turbine and the dimensions of a swimming pool for a swimming record.

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Survey Solutions now offer trainee surveyors the opportunity to undertake a Geospatial Apprenticeship as part of a continuous recruitment drive to bring more skilled personnel in to the Surveying and Civil Engineering industry.

The apprenticeship has been developed by The Survey Association (TSA), Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES) and covers all aspects of the geospatial industry including fundamentals of surveying, setting out processes in construction and civil engineering using traditional and modern techniques, advanced surveying technology in construction and civil engineering (Survey4BIM), spatial analytics, mapping and visualisation software applications and much more. The course is run over 2 years on a 2 week block release basis and upon completion the apprentice will qualify for Associate Membership of RICS and ICES.

GEOSPATIAL APPRENTICESHIPGreg Norman, Director at Survey Solutions said “Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is at the forefront of what we are trying to achieve. This course is the perfect opportunity to work towards a professional qualification by obtaining a sound understanding of the theories behind the surveying and geospatial industry while gaining that all important on-the-job work experience.”

The apprenticeship runs alongside Survey Solutions ICES Approved Development Scheme.

We are currently recruiting trainees and apprentices in all our regional offices, potential applicants are encouraged to visit where you will find more information.

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GDPRIn line with the changes to data protection laws, Survey Solutions have updated their Privacy Policy to ensure personal data is used in accordance with the new regulations known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

To view this document click GDPR Policy

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James Cooper

James Cooper at The Survey Association AGM


The Survey Association AGM

The Survey Association held its AGM at Edgbaston Cricket Ground on 18th April 2018, with record numbers attending to discuss a wide range of issues.

The afternoon session was given over solely to talk about the drastic rise in survey instrument thefts and what steps are being taken to tackle the problem.

James Cooper, MD at Survey Solutions, was asked to sit on an expert panel along with others including representatives from the insurance industry and SmartWater (TSA security partners).

The team answered questions from the audience and shared their own experiences, during a lively debate where manufactures also gave updates on the various measures they are taking to tackle the situation.

More at The Survey Association

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SURVEY SOLUTIONS had another survey instrument stolen from the roadside but unlike previous thefts this equipment was fitted with a tracker. Within minutes of the crime taking place the office team pinpointed the location of the instrument and followed its every move.

The theft happened whilst an Engineering Surveyor was completing a topographical survey in the Midlands only a few miles from a Survey Solutions regional office, so every spare surveyor working in the office was dispatched to make chase in an effort of retrieve the stolen equipment before it disappeared.

East Midlands Police were immediately informed of the theft and sent a Police car to join  the search. The tracking software not only managed to identify the street where the instrument was located but also pinpointed the actual house where it appeared to be stored.

Survey Solutions TheftThe car used in the crime was quickly recognised outside the property and this along with details given by the Surveyor and the data from the tracker, convinced the Police that the stolen equipment was inside. They gained access to the property and quickly discovered not only the stolen survey equipment but also several generators and other items from previous crimes.

The stolen instrument was a Trimble S5 Total Station provided by KOREC as one of several recently purchased by Survey Solutions. These instruments are all fitted with the Trimble ‘Locate and Protect’ system that allows users to see their position at any time.

Survey Solutions have previously had 12 instruments stolen in similar thefts but none of these were fitted with trackers, and all but one remains missing.

James Cooper, Survey Solutions MD said “Thefts of survey instruments is a massive issue for our profession, causing tremendous distress to the surveyors involved, and significant financial loss to businesses. The ability to track equipment is clearly a step in the right direction and has proved invaluable on this occasion.”

Survey Solutions are one of the largest and fastest growing Chartered Land and Engineering Survey companies in the UK with over 100 surveyors located in regional offices undertaking a full range of measured surveys above and below ground.

The Police made several arrests and kept the instrument for forensic testing and fingerprinting, as part of an ongoing investigation.

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New Norwich Office

Survey Solutions new larger Norwich office.

Following the continued growth of the team of Engineering Surveyors and Site Engineers based at our regional office just outside Norwich, we have moved into a larger and more spacious home.  The new office is still on the same lovely site at St. Mary’s Court but is now across the courtyard in the converted dairy barns.

The team based here covers our Eastern region with an area ranging from north Suffolk, all of Norfolk and then across to Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire.

Greg Norman, the Director responsible for this region, said “This is a great location for Survey Solutions with excellent access for the East of England, and it’s beautiful rural setting is a really nice place to work. The move reflects the continued success we’ve had in growing a strong and dedicated team of Surveyors and Engineers.”

The contact details have remained unchanged – contacts

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