Euro2020 Sweepstake

The Survey Solutions team recently ran its traditional European Championships sweepstake with various prizes on offer. We have always held an inter-company competition for the summer football tournaments but with our headcount now approaching almost 200 people across nine offices, gone are the days of one team per person!!!

This year everyone was drawn a country at random with three different prizes available. First up the most points in the group stages which was eventually tied between Turkey and Poland. A crate of beer or bottles of wine were awarded to the 14 winners from these two nations.

The competition then ran through the knockout stages with the overall tournament winners of Italy winning a £50 voucher. The most points in the tournament went to Spain and a £25 voucher was awarded to those who had drawn them out of the hat.

Well done to all those who won a prize and for those that didn’t get the team they needed, it’s not long until the next World Cup in 2022.

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