A new exciting chapter for Survey Solutions.

We are pleased to announce the management buy-out of Survey Solutions backed by private equity firm WestBridge. The buy-out was led by CEO David Lowe and the senior management team which has been instrumental in driving growth over the last few years, both organically and through acquisitions. This significant milestone in our journey is testament to our strong position in the market and our potential for future growth.

Supported by WestBridge investment we will further enhance services to our clients, offering a broader range of survey and monitoring solutions and expertise affirming our position as the most trusted provider in the UK.

David Lowe said “There is an incredible opportunity to transform the experience and value customers of engineering surveys receive. Through investment in new technology combined with a customer centric focus we aim to revolutionise our industry and become the most trusted engineering survey and monitoring provider in the UK.”

“Our new value creation plans which will benefit our clients are now a possibility, thanks to the support of WestBridge. These plans will benefit our clients, making it easier for them to access a wider range of surveys and monitoring solutions quickly and efficiently, confident in the engineering expertise they will receive.”

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