Once again Survey Solutions expertise was called upon by Guinness World Records, this time we to measure and verify a new world record attempt of the ‘longest throw and catch of a hotdog sausage into a bun’.

The event dubbed ‘Longest Dog’ took place at the Millennium Arena, London as part of a promotional NFL tour with the Jacksonville Jaguars, with the record attempt undertaken by coach Mark Brunell, a Super Bowl winner and former ‘Jags’ quarterback.

There were various rules and regulations set and checked by GWR. The attempt had to be carried out on level ground and Survey Solutions were on hand to verify the slope of the throwing area did not exceed a gradient of 1:1000. The cooked sausage had to be between 14cm – 18cm long; condiments (i.e. ketchup/mustard) could be added at the discretion of the challengers.

For the measuring, Survey Solutions used a Trimble S5 Total Station with MultiTrack prism technology. A baseline from the thrower was established and Survey Manager Jon Allison was on hand to measure the distance from the throw line to the point on the ground immediately below where the sausage was caught.

After a number of practice throws Mark set a new record of 20.956m.

Survey Solutions have also measured and verified GWR attempt include the world’s largest Rubik’s Cube, highest wind turbine and the dimensions of a swimming pool for a swimming record.

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