EALS Management Team

[L-R] Robert Mullins, James Cooper, Jeff Bate

At Survey Solutions, we have had an exciting start to 2016 with the acquisition of East Anglian Land Surveys, following the retirement of directors Robert Mullins and Jeff Bate.

The merger takes our headcount to 100 and will combine the complementary resources, capabilities, expertise and experience of both firms, resulting in a stronger more cost-effective and faster service to clients.

The plan is to gradually integrate EALS into Survey Solutions with the surveyors moving over to either our Ipswich or the Norwich offices.

The surveyors have a wealth of experience, expertise and training which is invaluable to our future success and the types of projects undertaken by the two firms are also very similar – we even use the same instruments and software.

Over the years, there have been very close links between our two companies, not only geographically but also personally, as several of Survey Solutions senior people trained and worked at EALS.

The welfare and happiness of the existing staff has been a very important part of this merger and every member of the team now has an opportunity to work, develop and grow within our larger organisation.

Clients who have not previously used Survey Solutions will now have access to some additional services that they may find beneficial such as: the use of high definition 3D laser scanning, aerial surveys, utility tracing, underground detection and mapping of buried services, along with CCTV drainage surveys and condition reporting.

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