Breaking RecordsWhen Norfolk Accident Rescue Service (NARS) approached us asking if we could assist them with some measuring advice for a fundraising event we were happy to help.

Ross Filby, a paramedic from Norwich, was attempting to pull a car around a predefined course at a former RAF airbase in an effort to break the Guinness World Record for the ‘farthest distance a vehicle is pulled in 24 hours’.

The rules laid down by the adjudicator require the course to be accurately measured, with a full report submitted detailing methodology and results along with the claim submission. It was also necessary to survey the 500m circuit in advance to determine the most suitable, and ‘flattest’, course before the challenge could start.Strong Man

Survey Solutions have provided dimensional evidence to the Guinness World Records on other occasions and are regularly called on to provide accurate measurements for a diverse range of sporting events such as; swimming pools, racecourses, mountain bike routes, rowing courses and numerous Olympic events.

Congratulations to Ross who successfully beat the previous record by over 1km, pulling the NARS response vehicle, an Audi A6, a staggering 3,511m in approximately 5½ hours.

There is more about NARS and the world record event at

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