Mobile mapping is the process of collecting geo-spatial data from a mobile vehicle which is fitted with a 3D laser scanner. Mobile mapping surveys are ideal for road, highway and infrastructure projects where a vast amount of detailed data can be collected quickly over a long distance.

Mobile mapping equipment can be mounted on any road or off-road vehicle, with the capability to collect thousands of data points per second. These recorded measurements form a point cloud, which can be used in a variety of formats and processes.

Our mobile mapping projects include a recent survey for a proposed rail system across a major UK city.

Data collection is usually conducted by two surveyors and completed at normal traffic speeds. Firstly the route is driven to check ideal GPS coverage and create a route plan for the survey. All components are checked and initiated in an area with maximum GPS coverage. The survey will commence with positional quality being continuously monitored throughout for high accuracy.

To achieve the highest accuracy levels, ground control points are installed at regular intervals within the survey area. The co-ordinates of these points enhance the accuracy of the point cloud during processing.

Post survey, all data including laser information and imagery, will be pre-processed to generate the most accurate trajectory possible, and enable the creation of the point cloud tied into the GCPs. The point cloud will then be cleaned and colourised.

Various data formats and survey information is available from our mobile mapping surveys, from a basic 2D site layout and plan through to more detailed outputs which can include point clouds and fly throughs. We are also able to use this data to create Revit models.

To find out more, please complete the enquiry form below to contact one of our specialist surveyors. Available across our network of UK offices, our teams of surveyors share many years’ experience and are in an ideal position to discuss your project in more detail and offer the best survey solution from our broad range of complementary services.

Mobile Mapping Overview

  • Ideal solution for road and highway projects.
  • Up to 20km covered within one day of surveying.
  • Able to effectively and efficiently capture a large amount of data.
  • Wide range of survey data formats available.

Land Surveying Services

Our monitoring surveyors record and measure the movement or deformation of a building or structure across a broad range of projects. From new build developments through to historic and heritage landmarks, a monitoring scheme can help identify any potential issues within a structure and allow a plan of remediation to be established before further problems develop.

As part of our monitoring division, we can support your project with a range of environmental monitoring services either as an addition to your structural monitoring programmes or as a bespoke package of work.

Asset condition surveys are an ideal solution for assessing the impact of major infrastructure and construction projects on the wider built environment. They can help establish whether there has been any consequential damage to neighbouring buildings or structures during the work by carrying out pre- and post-construction surveys.

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