Drone surveys, (UAV surveys) have become an increasingly popular method of carrying out surveying projects.
One of the major advantages of drone surveys is the versatility it offers your project. Suitable across a range of our services, drones are effective for land surveys and offer an excellent option for inaccessible areas.

Another major benefit of a drone survey is the speed with which large areas can be surveyed. Capturing data can be quicker, safer and less intrusive than other means or in many cases, drones can be used as a complementary add-on service alongside more traditional surveying methods. We have recently combined a drone and hydrographical survey for a client as part of a quarry project in Peterborough.

Data from drone surveys is available in both 2D and 3D formats with a range of additional options available. This could include point cloud data, ortho-rectified photography and fly over video footage, all ensuring you receive a high level of technical detail to support your project. Our drone team is fully compliant with the Civil Aviation Authority regulations for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.

Drone surveys are ideal when working on developments such as quarries and landfill, traffic surveys, agricultural inspections, large scale mapping, and thermal imaging, as well as schemes where access may be restricted such as heritage projects.

To find out more, please complete the enquiry form below to contact one of our specialist surveyors. Available across our network of UK offices, our teams of surveyors share many years’ experience and are in an ideal position to discuss your project in more detail and offer the best survey solution from our broad range of complementary services.

Drones Overview

  • Can capture data more quickly and more effectively than traditional methods.
  • Ideal solution for large land spaces and for inaccessible areas.
  • High level of technical data available including point clouds, flight imagery and videos.
  • Equally effective as a stand-alone survey or a complementary service.
  • Data available in a wide range of formats.
  • A safe and cost-efficient method minimising the amount of survey time on site.

Land Surveying Services

Our monitoring surveyors record and measure the movement or deformation of a building or structure across a broad range of projects. From new build developments through to historic and heritage landmarks, a monitoring scheme can help identify any potential issues within a structure and allow a plan of remediation to be established before further problems develop.

As part of our monitoring division, we can support your project with a range of environmental monitoring services either as an addition to your structural monitoring programmes or as a bespoke package of work.

Asset condition surveys are an ideal solution for assessing the impact of major infrastructure and construction projects on the wider built environment. They can help establish whether there has been any consequential damage to neighbouring buildings or structures during the work by carrying out pre- and post-construction surveys.

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