Our team of surveyors are often called upon to support boundary-based enquiries, ranging from helping to position undefined boundaries, through to assisting in the resolution of disputes from neighbouring owners. Whatever the issue, we have many years of expertise and experience in carrying out all aspects of boundary surveys.

From the outset, we will support you or your client, working from documentation such as deeds and existing HM Land Registry documents. We also attend site and carry out a comprehensive range of measurements to enable us to produce a very accurate, up-to-date representation of the current site conditions, including buildings, boundary features and any other relevant demarcations. This information is then used to undertake a file plan comparison, the results of which can be used to help resolve problems at an early stage and prevent escalation to an official dispute.

If required, we can also provide Expert Witness support to a solicitor, in both residential and commercial disputes. As well as our measurement expertise, we can be appointed directly by the court to provide survey data, reports and evidence to help resolve ownership disagreements.

Using the latest survey equipment and technology ensures that all disputes are based on highly detailed and accurate information. Our wide geographical coverage allows us to respond quickly to your enquiry, with our average time onto site being around one week from an instruction to proceed.

To find out more, please complete the enquiry form below to contact one of our specialist surveyors. Available across our network of UK offices, our teams of surveyors share many years’ experience and are in an ideal position to discuss your project in more detail and offer the best survey solution from our broad range of complementary services.

Boundary Survey Overview

  • Positioning of undefined boundaries.
  • High quality data to help resolve boundary disputes.
  • Available to provide Expert Witness advice.
  • HM Land Registry File plan comparison service.

Land Surveying Services

Measuring land under the water to establish a wide range of data including bed levels.

Measuring and recording the terrain, including roads, pylons, kerbs, service covers, boundary demarcations, fences and walls, with data available in both 2D and 3D formats.

An increasingly important tool for collecting large amounts of data quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal disruption, often in inaccessible locations.

Capturing data with a scanner attached to a vehicle, for situations which involve long distances or provide access challenges.

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