Q&A with Greg

Greg Norman
Major Accounts Director
07795 478266
Year you joined Survey Solutions:


The best thing about Surveying is…

The diversity of the work and projects we get involved with.

My favourite ever survey and why…

I’ve always enjoyed surveying golf courses. They are generally located in the countryside, you have to have a plan in place to how you are going to complete the survey, they contain every level of detail imaginable and most of all I like the look on the face of the manager when they realise Greg Norman has arrived to survey their golf course!

Describe Survey Solutions in three words…

Professional, satisfying and exciting.

An interesting fact about me is…

I have cycled 450 miles from St Davids (the most westerly point of the UK) to Lowestoft (the most easterly point of the UK).

Outside of work I enjoy…

Cycling, going to the pub and playing darts.

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