Q&A with Grant

Grant Lockhart-White
Chief Operating Officer
01473 240410
When did you join Survey Solutions?

September 2019 as the new Finance Director. As FD, I am responsible for all things financial and accounting. Compliance is a big part of my role which includes legal, taxes and risk management. I regularly get involved in HR matters, enjoy all aspects of working with people and especially the variety of work that this role brings.

Why did you choose accountancy as a career?

I was reasonably good at Maths and really enjoyed working with numbers and people. You spend a third of your life working and a third sleeping so if you can find a career where you love coming to work every day it’s a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning! Chartered Accountancy does just that for me and I’m pleased I made that choice.

Describe Survey Solutions in three words

Trusting, inclusive and motivating.

An interesting fact about me is…

I was Honorary Treasurer of The St. Andrews Golf Club for five years and won its Club Championship twice.

Outside of work I enjoy…

Days out with family, travelling, eating out, golfing and occasionally going to the gym!

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