Q&A with Dave

Dave Mainwaring
Director – Site Engineering & Monitoring
07951 804909
Year you joined Survey Solutions:


The best thing about Surveying is…

The best thing about surveying is the diversity of work and the opportunities they bring.

My favourite ever survey and why…

My favourite survey by far was an as-built survey of the Docklands Light Railway Extension between Stratford International and Canning Town Stations in 2010. The survey was undertaken using many different survey techniques and equipment including: digital levels, 0.5” total stations and GNSS receivers for traversing. Amberg’s GRP1000  Track Measuring System was utilised for measuring the track geometry and Tamping, and its GRP5000 System for profiling all structures along the entire route for clash detection. The project took my team of six surveyors just over three months to complete. Although the project was challenging and very demanding, it brought us very close together. I am still in contact with all of them; they are now working on all kinds of different projects as far afield as Singapore and Riyadh.

Describe Survey Solutions in three words…

Knowledgeable, considerate and dynamic.

An interesting fact about me is…

I surveyed the home of the famous “Naked Chef” whilst he was cooking culinary treats in his kitchen. However the dinner invitation didn’t extend to a humble hungry surveyor!

Outside of work I enjoy…

Spending time with family, golf, travelling, theatre and eating out.

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