Land & underground utilities surveys
Various Asda sites

Helping Asda introduce recycling schemes across multiple car park locations.

We’ve been helping Asda sites across Scotland and the north of England to prepare to put Scottish Deposit Recycling Scheme machines in their car parks. A team from our Glasgow office have provided topographical and utilities surveys at multiple sites from Newcastle, across to the west coast of Scotland and right up to Elgin and Peterhead in the north.

The surveys are being conducted to provide Asda with detailed and accurate information relating to the proposed sites for the recycling machines. The topographical surveys which are carried out using total stations and laser scanners reveal all the features at ground level, whilst the utilities surveys, which include ground penetrating radar and (GPR) and electromagnetic laser (EML), accurately reveal the location of any utility services under the ground.

Following each survey 2D autoCAD plans are provided which detail the results of the topographical survey for the site, which is then overlayed overlaid with the results of the utilities surveys, detailing the location and depths of all underground utilities.

The surveys are often required at very short notice, but we are happy to have been able to accommodate every request. Working closely with each site’s store managers, we coordinate temporarily cordoning off the areas of the car park we are surveying, keeping obstruction to an absolute minimum, whilst ensuring the safety of our surveyors.

Our seamless coordination and advanced surveying techniques not only facilitate Asda’s initiatives for enhancing their sites, but also underscore our commitment to efficiency, accuracy and safety in all our operations.

“When we requested assistance across multiple Asda sites, Survey Solutions was able to provide a flexible and pragmatic approach. Our needs were often quite specific regarding which days to carry out the works and with short notice time scales in which to undertake the visits. None of this seemed to phase Neil and his team who were able to accommodate our requests, not only on the site visits, but also the processing and production of the data within short timescales. Neil and his team at Survey Solutions provided us with a professional service and we look forward to the opportunity to work with them again.”
Leighton Pearson, Operations Technician, Roberts Environmental Ltd


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