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Natural History Museum

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The Natural History Museum is a world-class visitor attraction and leading science research centre located in the heart of London, so when Survey Solutions was asked to provide measured survey data for the building and surrounding grounds they knew it was going to be a stand-out project.

The building, constructed entirely of terracotta to be more resistant to Victorian London’s harsh climate, incorporates an incredible series of animal and plant ornaments, statues and relief carvings on the detailed façades and throughout the entire interior. The result is one of Britain’s most striking examples of Romanesque architecture, widely considered a work of art in its own right and one of London’s most iconic landmarks.

Using the latest laser scanners, a full high-definition 3D point cloud was created as the base to generate a digital model of the building from which the design team could be supplied any data and drawing they required.

In addition, a topographical survey was undertaken, along with an underground investigation showing the subsurface features, drainage and utilities.

The results have not only been essential to the design and restoration teams but have also provided a valuable and interesting record of this fascinating building.


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