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Historic London Dock

Digitalising plans and records to future proof site management

London’s Royal Docks are to the east of the capital on the northern side of the Thames and comprise a collection of historic docks built in the mid-19th-century. This marvel of Victorian engineering includes Royal Victoria Dock, Royal Albert Dock and King George V Dock and extends to 4km, is 13m deep, and covers an area the size of central London.

The water and surrounding area is owned, managed and maintained by The Royal Docks Management Authority (RoDMA) which is responsible for the site, dock walls, locks and infrastructure, as well as leasing a parcel of land for a large range of activities and uses. There are areas for business, education and waterside living and some of the larger tenants include City Airport, ExCeL London and University of East London.

RoDMA identified that it needed to better understand various boundary issues and legal tenancy demarcations for parcels of land within its control and was recommended to approach Survey Solutions for assistance. It was clear that the collection of paper plans and graphical records covering the docks needed updating and moving over to a digital format to manage the site more effectively and accurately for the future.

Using the Ordnance Survey (OS) digital mapping as a base plan and infilling or updating with field survey where necessary, Survey Solutions created a master plan covering the full extent of RoDMA-controlled property. Then came the task of collating several boxes of legal documents, agreements and lease plans to redefine critical boundaries, identify key areas and establish land parcels, all required for the immediate and ongoing management of the estate.

Now complete, RoDMA has a full and up-to-date geographical record of its entire estate which can be used to manage, plan and develop future growth of this historic and important area of London.


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