Measured building survey
Chiswick Health Centre

Measured building survey success: Accelerating HealthSpan+ Ltd’s design vision

As part of an exciting new project for HealthSpan+ Ltd we swiftly executed a measured building survey and captured floor plans and external elevations of a furniture store located in Chiswick. This has enabled HealthSpan+’s design team to start designing the interior and signage of the company’s inaugural health and longevity centre.

Having signed the head of terms agreement for the commercial lease, HealthSpan+ Ltd’s project management officer was keen to commence the design project for the new health centre as this would enable them to proceed with landlord consents and lease approval. However, the absence of drawings and measurements threatened to delay proceedings.

Upon recommendation from the company’s design team, we were among three surveying firms invited to submit proposals. Based on our rapid response and flexibility whilst the project’s requirements were finalised, we secured the project.

Within a three-day timeframe of being commissioned for the work, our team attended the site to conduct the measured building survey of the furniture store’s interior and external elevations. The space incorporated a basement and first floor unit and despite the store being operational, our team navigated the environment with minimum disruption to staff and customers.

Delivering 2D CAD files within a week of the survey being completed, we enabled HealthSpan+ Ltd’s design team to commence the creative phase without delay.

“Survey Solutions were incredibly quick to respond to our RFP and equally quick to complete all the work. Their flexibility was incredibly helpful and they not only turned the work around very quickly, but to the highest quality. Their responsiveness, speed of service and quality of service really sets them apart and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”
Yana Orlova, Project Management Officer, HealthSpan+ Ltd


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