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Broadland Business Park, Norwich, Norfolk

Long standing survey partner over 20 years to premier Norfolk business park

Situated to the east of Norwich, today Broadland Business Park is one of the foremost business parks in the east of England. 24 years ago Survey Solutions was commissioned to survey what was at the time farmland, prior to the first buildings, units and infrastructure being built. We are delighted to have been involved in the development of the Business Park over the last 24 years, supplying surveying services every time a new parcel of land is sold off for development.

Today Broadland Park is a thriving business park situated on a 37 acre site. It offers high quality office, industrial and logistics space that attracts local, regional, national and international companies. The Park also offers a wide range of amenities including meeting and conference facilities, a children’s nursery, a health club, a café and Costa drive-thru, car parks, as well a couple of pubs and restaurants, and a Premier Inn hotel – all set within a mature landscape that includes a lake and network of foot and cycle paths.

Our original involvement required us to survey what was at the time a green field site to assist with the Park’s planning and development. Our topographical survey provided measurement of the land including existing buildings. As parcels of land have been sold off for development we have returned to the site to provide surveys for the Park’s civil engineering companies, and update each survey once building work is completed.

Whilst Broadland Park has evolved dynamically over the years, so too have our surveying techniques and capabilities. The introduction of GPS now enables us to pin point measurements with far greater accuracy against global coordinates, which means we have also been able to update some of our original surveys.

To date we have completed in excess of 30 surveys at the Business Park, including surveys for sites including the driving test centre, the Porche garage, the landscaped lake, the pub and the Premiere Inn Hotel.

Despite the fact that over 1m square foot of floor space is already occupied, there is still plenty of service land still available for the development of 10,000 and 100,000 square foot industrial and logistics units. We continue to work closely with Broadland’s civil engineers and look forward to being involved in the future expansion of this exciting location.


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