What our people have to say…

Take a look at what some of our team have to say about working at Survey Solutions and how they have developed their careers.
Ben Mulhall

Senior Surveyor


“I joined Survey Solutions in October 2004 and over what is pushing 20 years in the company have progressed from an assistant land surveyor through to my current position as senior surveyor.

“My role is incredibly varied. A ‘normal’ week if there is such a thing would be undertaking measured building surveys on a variety of different projects across the Midlands. I use a combination of equipment and technology including total stations and laser scanners. The remainder of my time is drawing up the site surveys, training our junior surveyors and helping check colleague’s surveys prior to it being issued to issue to our clients.

“I am the team first aider for our Coventry office with my main qualification being an HND civil engineering course which Survey Solutions not only paid for but also provided a great amount of support.

“I can only describe my surveying career with Survey Solutions positively. I have made some lifelong friendships with the people I have worked with. I would also describe it as stimulating, no site or job is ever the same. With each new project comes different challenges which need to be overcome.

“If you are considering joining Survey Solutions it is important to completely embrace the working life which comes with being a surveyor. Being a surveyor is not a 9-5 type of career which is something I enjoy. If you work hard, you will be rewarded with a varied and enjoyable career.

“I enjoy the variety in my work. I can be measuring anything from a stately home to abandoned warehouses and everything in between. I can be based in beautiful countryside or in the centre of a busy city. I enjoy the challenges which come with the projects which I undertake. Whether its completing large scale building projects within the allotted time or dealing with unexpected issues when undertaking site engineering.

“As my career progresses, I would like to move more into the management side of the business. Promoting people through the business is something Survey Solutions are always keen to do and there are always opportunities to progress and develop your career.”

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