Completing your measured building survey with drone technology delivers multiple advantages to your project. Drone surveys offer great versatility and can be used as a standalone solution or as a complementary add-on service alongside more traditional surveying methods.

Drone surveys are ideal when working on projects where capturing a large amount of data is required or could be used as part of a project where multiple sites all need to be surveyed. Capturing data can be quicker, safer and less intrusive than using other means. We have seen our clients choose drone surveys when looking to carry out surveys for holiday parks and as part of roof inspections.

Data from drone surveys is available in both 2D and 3D formats with a range of additional options available. This could include point cloud data, ortho-rectified photography and fly over video footage, all ensuring you receive a high level of technical detail to support your project. Our drone team is fully compliant with the Civil Aviation Authority regulations for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.

Click here to read more on how we supported the University of Essex with a recent survey which included the inspection of student accommodation roofs for a solar panel installation.

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Drones Overview

  • Can capture data more quickly and more effectively than traditional methods.
  • A safe and cost-efficient method minimising the amount of survey time on site.
  • Suitable for a range of measured building projects and schemes.
  • Equally effective as a stand-alone survey or a complementary service.
  • Data available in a wide range of formats including point clouds and fly over video footage.

Building Surveying Services

Fully-connected measured floor plans available as standalone drawings or as part of a broader project including the structure and surrounding areas.

Accurate, detailed and fully-measured internal and external elevations of building and structures showing architectural details, construction materials, dimensions, and levels.

Cut-through profiles and views across the building or structure providing additional detail and information to a project. 

High definition and fast survey solution capturing large volumes of 3D data. Delivers point cloud, Revit, and BIM models. Ideal for heritage and historic projects as well as highways and tunnelling schemes.

In-depth surveys to support assessments for flat roof structures constructed from reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete. Scans for each individual plank plus maintenance and monitoring programmes available.

Accurate structural details of key elements in building and structures. Available as a specific investigation or as part of an integrated measured building project. Mapping and positions of details such as rebar, reinforcement mesh and steel work.

The perfect add-on to the suite of technical drawings and data you receive as part of your measured building survey. High definition visual representation enabling you to bring a project to life.

High precision and accurate plans helping provide Gross External Area (GEA), Gross Internal Area (GIA) and Net Internal Area (NIA) calculations used for leasing agreements or as-built surveys.

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