When you (don’t) always get what you ask for

When you (don’t) always get what you ask for

One example of looking at what we offer is using the example of a drone survey. This is not just a case of what we are doing but more importantly how we are doing it. Drone surveys (or UAV surveys as they are also called) do not just fit into the box of a land survey or a measured building survey – they are equally suitable for both. And often our surveyors on site will send through some photos of their work on site, not only using a drone but a total station as well.

I suppose the best way to look at it is that there are so many ways we can help with your survey and we really do not expect you to have all the information to hand straightaway. You may even call it something different to us but do not worry about that.

What you think you might need (a drone survey is a bit of an industry buzzword at the moment) is not always the best route and that’s why with their dozens of years of experience our Survey teams are well placed to consider each project on its merits and come up with a plan that best suits what you need.

We have seen people come to us wanting measured building surveys of roof lines and expecting us to use more traditional methods – the drone in this case got the site work completed faster which helped with the clients’ access and site safety conditions. Others have called and wanted a drone survey, but this was too much for what they needed. It just shows that speaking with us at an early stage allows for the best solution.

And, because we offer such a broad range of services, we might be able to help you in more ways than you think. Any underground or utility survey is dependent on a topographical site plan so why not let us do both for you? – There are numerous advantages of using the same supplier for both.

Perhaps it’s best to think of what we do as a bit of a toolbox. We have lots of technology and equipment which we can use – but leave what we use to us and we will ensure you get not only what you need, but more from working with us. The more we understand about your whole project, the better placed we are to help you every step of the way.

So, whatever your survey requirement, we are available today to speak and work together to provide whatever survey you need – even if we may call it something different!

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