The value of a survey

The value of a survey

This got us thinking about some of the language we hear outside of the surveying world but has become very much part of the business world. One that stood out was ‘Value’ and was provoked in some way through a LinkedIn post where the price of a survey for a particular project had hit such a low level that it drew a lot of criticism for undermining the importance of surveying.

I suppose surveying is a bit different compared to other parts of a construction scheme. The majority of what we do is at the very very start of a project. Perhaps what we do, will not even matter if the project doesn’t pass planning or any other stages of development and in a way, you can say it’s a bit hidden from the overall scope of a construction project. Surveyors, except for their pegs or spray paint leave little trace of having been on a site and the hidden nature of what we do means that it can run the risk of being seen as less important.

In fact, isn’t it the opposite? Search the definition of value and look what jumps out at the top of the page…

“the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something”

Value can often be an overused word, but this sums up what we mean. How useful is a survey and how important is it? If someone is only charging a couple of hundred pounds for a full day of surveying and drawings shouldn’t this cause a few alarm bells to ring?

I suppose when you look at value, the main question is, could I do this myself or as well as someone else. More often than not the reason we need someone specialist is for exactly that reason. Technical expertise, experience of working on similar projects, great equipment and an excellent service is all something that we might not consider important but when it is not there, we quickly miss it and wish it was.

So, whilst we are not around when projects start and great buildings get built, one of the reasons for this is that the project has been supported by a survey way before things started to come to life. And we believe great projects need great surveys to help them on their way. Because, like everyone it is vital we demonstrate the value, usefulness, and importance of a great survey.

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