The Fire Safety Regulations 2022

Dave Bredin, Operations DirectorNovember 23, 2023

Earlier this year, the Fire Safety (England) Regulations came into force requiring responsible persons of high rise residential buildings in England to share with their local fire and rescue services copies of up to date floor plans which show the position of fire fighting equipment.

In our latest blog, we cover the regulations in more detail and show how we can help provide the accurate and reliable building data you need to ensure compliance.

The Fire Safety Regulations 2022

Are you responsible for a residential building that’s over 18 metres in height or at least seven stories? Are you looking for floor and building plans that, by law, you need to share with your local fire and rescue service?

As one of the UK’s largest engineering surveyors, we can provide an experienced local measured building surveyor to deliver accurate electronic and hard copy plans as required by the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 that came into force on 23rd January 2023.

What’s the requirement?

Following the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 made it a legal requirement for responsible persons of high-rise residential buildings in England to draw up and share with their local fire and rescue services, electronic copies of up-to-date floor plans that explicitly identify the location of fire-fighting equipment (as set out in the regulations).

A plan needs to be prepared for each floor – except where floors are identical, in which case only one plan needs to be produced. In addition to the electronic floor plans you need to provide your local fire and rescue service with a single page building plan that provides an overview of the building, access points and environs. This information is crucial to aid operational firefighters in making rapid and informed decisions during an emergency.

Upon request we can also provide you with a schedule of apparatus, so you have a written record of the fire-safety and fire-fighting equipment and apparatus within your building.

How we can help

Although this is a relatively new legal requirement, we have years’ worth of experience producing highly accurate and detailed floor and building plans. Using the very latest laser scanning technology our engineering surveyors will scan all the floors of your building and produce electronic copies of each floor plan (in whatever format you request – BIM or Revit model, pdf, AutoCAD, 3D etc.) that identifies all the key fire-fighting equipment – as set out in the regulations. We will also produce the single page building plan and hard copies to be securely stored on the premises.

Why choose us?

Sector experience – We bring an extensive track record of working in the residential sector.

Responsive – Operating throughout the UK from our national network of nine offices – from Scotland to Somerset – allows us to respond swiftly to client requests. We typically aim to be on site in one week.

Accuracy – We employ the very latest laser scanning technology, ensuring that our data is 100% accurate.

Archived data – Our technology captures large amounts of data from floor plans to sections, structural details, and elevations. This enables us to archive your data, eliminating the need for site revisits and offering you high-definition output should you require it for future planning or renovations.

Asset tagging for maintenance scheduling?

Have you considered asset tagging your fire safety equipment? Whilst our engineers are in your building we can conveniently asset tag your fire safety equipment. A Bluetooth enabled plastic tag can be securely attached to your fire-fighting equipment. Data relating to each individual item is uploaded to a secure portal so you have a permanent record of all the equipment within the building and can access details, such as the date it was installed, when it was last checked or serviced, and when it is due to be replaced. This information is easily accessible through a dedicated app, allowing you to access it from any location without having to visit the building.

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