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Surveying buildings of all shapes and sizes

Surveying buildings of all shapes and sizes

Whether it is a calibration survey of a boat or a site investigation survey of one of the two remaining World War II anti-aircraft gunnery towers, you can see that our work takes us into some incredibly diverse and interesting places.

And whilst there is often variation in the type of work we do, we can also find a lot of variety in the same building and that’s where both our expertise and technology can help deliver a survey which provides the high level of accuracy you need.

We are often asked to provide survey data for timber frame barns on UK farmland where it is proposed the building’s use to be changed. In line with Class Q, barns can now fall into a permitted development status where full planning permission is not always required. It may, however, require in depth discussions regarding how the structure can be altered. This is where Survey Solutions come in.

Traditional building survey methods are often very difficult to adopt on old buildings constructed with timber frames. Different frame thickness, positions and perhaps areas that are not very easy to access means taking measurements with the good old tape measure can increase time on site but also the chance of something being missed or mis-measured.

This is where the beauty of laser scanning can really come into its own. Our range of scanners means that we can capture all elements of the building quickly but also to an incredibly high level of detail and accuracy. Laser scanning literally creates a cloud of millions of measured points within the survey which is then processed back in our offices to deliver a survey with incredible levels of accuracy. This provides the perfect solution when reviewing the data during the project, and our latest investment in brand new scanning technology means we can reduce the amount of time on site and in our post site processing meaning the data is quickly available to assist with tight project timelines.

The conversion of timber framed barns is only likely to increase over the coming years. With an office network of seven offices across the UK, it means we can be on-site quickly and each office has a dedicated Survey Manager who is always available to discuss any specific requirements with you.

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