Changing our look but not our approach

Changing our look but not our approach

Whilst a company logo is paramount to the identity of a business and its brand, it is just as important to look deeper and remember what a brand represents. We have had a few changes to our logo over the last 20 years, every time allowing us a chance to refresh our look as we moved to the next part of our business journey.

Our original logo was a close replica to the branding of our then parent company TA Millard, and with it came the use of colour that today you wouldn’t associate with Survey Solutions. Red, yellow, and blue. Fast forward two decades and try to find out why the company colour changed to green, and I am not sure there is a consistent answer. What is consistent though is the experience of working with Survey Solutions. The values our CEO James Cooper had when he first started the business was all built around service. Every day we look to make the experience of working with Survey Solutions the best it can possibly be.

For us, what our brand truly reflects is a perfect combination of its physical identity and the bit that you experience when you work with us. Service and quality are often over-used terms when promoting a business but for us it is being able to substantiate that into something our clients remember us by. Send us an opportunity to quote and we will aim to have a price back in 24 hours, commission us for the work and we will do all we can to be on site in a week or less. Plus, with each of our offices having a dedicated Survey Manager to discuss your project, you can be sure that you will always get the best possible solution and the required level of support and assistance.

So, 20 years and a business that continues to go from strength to strength. Our look may have changed gradually over the years but the way we work with our clients is still the key to our brand.

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